If you're looking for a host or emcee for your next event, Matt is the performer for you. Having hosted nearly 1,000 shows across the country in both the theatrical and corporate worlds, you can feel confident that Matt has the experience to ensure that everything will run as smoothly as possible. Plus, even if he’s not included in your program as a featured act or keynote speaker, Matt can still mix in his original, award-winning comedy-magic as he hosts your most important events. (And yes, he can custom-tailor it for your group!)



An expert at introductions, act coordination, interviews, and audience interaction, Matt will keep things entertaining while ensuring that all the necessary parts of your program come off as planned. What's more, he can work with your event coordinators to help with staging and advise on technical matters ahead of time, and he is exceptionally adept at including corporate messages, instructional material, or other specific information into his hosting.




With recent clients including Fortune 500 companies, major entertainment venues, hotels, country clubs, private organizations and more, it’s no wonder that Matt has developed a reputation as an exceptional emcee. Perhaps Robert Osborne of the Hollywood Reporter said it best after watching Matt host an event for Turner Classic Movies: "People think what [Matt does] is easy because [he] makes it look easy!"




There are few things that can help make an event more successful than a good host...and you've finally found one! Contact Matt today to learn more about hiring him as a host or emcee for your next event.



"Matt, just a quick note to tell you how pleased we were with your performance, not only as an act, but as an emcee. Your professionalism, dependability, and magical talent made you an integral part of our operations."

-Terry Goen
President, J&J Production