Strolling Magic Coins

Matt understands that everybody hiring an entertainer, speaker, or emcee is working within a budget, and he offers multiple show options to accommodate events and shows of various sizes. His pricing reflects the fact that he is a national headliner with experience performing over 3,000 shows, as well as the high quality and originality of his material (including magic Matt Marcy Magicianthat you won’t see from any other performer). His rates reflect not only his impressive experience and skill, but your high expectations that he strives to exceed with each performance.

Performance fees are determined on a show-by-show basis, and vary based on the size & scale of the show, the size of the audience, the location and venue, the type of event, and the performance date. When travel is required, it is generally rolled into the performance fee so you won’t have to worry about additional travel expenses. However, any special staging or technical requirements are typically the responsibility of the client.*

Matt offers free, no-obligation quotes, and generally can offer multiple show options at different price points to help work within your budget. Contact him today for an estimate.

*Technical requirements can range from a simple well lit space with some chairs to a full theatrical setting. Matt will provide a technical rider and assist ahead of time in making sure everything is set up perfectly so your show comes off without a hitch.