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“Marcy’s charm and wit are matched by his self-effacing humor…[his] sleights of hand are mind-blowing.”

-L.A. Weekly

“I expected a great show and you still managed to exceed it. At the end of a long day of business meetings we needed an energy boost which your show provided in spades. Without exception I have heard nonstop compliments on how much fun my team had with your show and they are still trying to figure out how you did some of what you did. On top of it all you are VERY funny. Thank you!”

-Mike Roland
E&J Gallo Winery

“Oh Matt! Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening. Everyone was thrilled. Thank you for making this the BEST holiday party ever!”


-Jenny Wright
Reylenn Properties

“Matt is definitely VERY good at his job. And I don’t just mean the actual magic. Yes — his magic tricks kept the entire room amazed, but he was excellent at bringing people from different tables together. He got people talking, he got people moving around the room. Really, another true professional. Frank LOVED him, and raved about him all night. Ha…this from the guy who didn’t think a magician was a good idea at all!”

-Sue Judge
Radio IP

“Your show was fantastic and made our event. I really appreciate not only the hard work and attention to detail you put into your show, but your obvious passion and enjoyment you have and get from what you do. Everyone commented on what a great time they had. Looking forward to working with you again.”

-Bill Klorman
President and CEO, Klorman Construction

“Thank you Matt. It was awesome having you! Everyone had a great time. I’ll definitely keep you in mind for future events!”

-Emily Morales
Rock Honda

“Matt was easily the most professional and entertaining emcee we’ve ever used for our program. From start to finish, Matt was a joy to work with. Even our seasoned audio-visual staff were impressed, commenting on Matt’s talent and ability to make our show seamless and entertaining. Well done!”

-Mike Stull
Producer and Director, Spirit Awards

“Thank you so much for being part of IPP last week. Our attendees loved the magic break — very appropriate and funny for our corporate audience! The feedback from the attendees has been simply phenomenal — many said it was the best educational experience/conference they had ever attended! The next IPP is September 18-22 in Silicon Valley, and I hope we can host you again!”

-Kian Gohar
Executive Director, IPP Partnership Progra | X PRIZE Foundation

“Thanks again for a great show, Matt. Your memorable presentations were not only baffling, but they kept the audience howling with laughter and made the entire event a smashing success. Best of all, you made me look good.”

-Ronald Sugar
CEO, Northrop Grumman

“Masterfully created presentations…both thought-provoking and clever.”

“Thank you so much Matt. You had such a great show, everyone really loved it. They were still talking about it this morning.”

-Jessica Ritchey
Event Coordinator, Southern California Edison

“Matt, we went to see Penn & Teller last night, but everyone was still busy talking about how much awesomer you are. We LOVED you. Thanks for making me look like a rock star.”

-Julie Ohnstead
Event Coordinator, Hecate Energy

“Matt’s original magic and illusion show had everyone laughing. He got the audience involved, and the group participated in many of his tricks. This was definitely a hit! Developers were still talking the next morning as they tried to figure out the secrets.”

-Rosalba King
PVX PlusTechnologies

“It was truly great having you Matt. You clearly were the best entertainment we have ever had.”

-Ron Scott
Dir. of Human Resources, Chicago Title Insurance

“I want to thank you for the great show today — I’ve heard nothing except good comments! Even our CEO (who was unable to attend) told me he was hearing how great it was!”

-Patty Raymond
Human Resources Representative, ACCO Engineered Systems

“Far from the average magic show…deliciously sardonic!”

-MAGIC Magazine

“Hi Matt…we had a wonderful time. Obviously it takes a great talent to have people laugh at what you say, but it takes more than a talent to have them think as they laugh. To top it off your magic tricks were unique and mind boggling! Our group had a great time and they are still talking about you…”

-Sumru Vance
Public Relations Chair, Assistance League

“We had Matt perform at one of our lunch business meetings and he did a great job! Everyone loved him and we were all amazed by his magic. His humor had everyone almost in tears! I would highly recommend Matt for any event where you want top notch entertainment.”

-Darin Johnson
Chapter President, APWA

“Matt was a pleasure to work with. His down to earth/real attitude was appreciated and his flexibility in going with the flow when it came to working with our CEO was awesome.”

-Loren Maisels
CMP, Achievers

“Hi Matt. Once again you have provided our Aon group with an excellent show. I heard many wonderful reviews the next day. You helped to create some wonderful memories for this special group of people.”

-Pat Sadujew
Dir. of Client Services, AON

“Thanks again for everything…you were fantastic!”

-Kelly Melo
Director of Production, GoWest Events and Multimedia

“Incredible…a great show!”

-Good Day L.A., Fox 11

“Thanks Matt! You were a big contributor to our event’s success!”

-Johnna Ehmke
U.S. Marketing Manager, Zeacom

“Thank you for taking part in our event today. I have heard nothing but positive feedback about your show. It was exactly what I was hoping for.”

-Karen Stein
Vice-President, Unum

“It was indeed a true pleasure working with you this weekend. The show buzz was/is great. You possessed the right amounts of comedy, charm, and magic for our group.”

-Thomas Ptichford
Event Planner, Physician Associates

“Thanks Matt! you were a huge hit! The inside jokes were absolutely perfect. Better than I could have even imagined.”

-Tiffani Argandona
Event Coordinator, Southern California Edison

“A formidable talent: inventive, charming, and polished.”

-Teller (Penn & Teller)

“Hey Matt-Just wanted to say thanks again. You were a big hit, and we’re still getting great feedback today. It worked just the way I hoped it would!”

-Glenn Gritzner
Managing Director, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal

“Matt, I haven’t had such a good laugh in months. Everyone had a great time. Thanks!”

-Steve Altieri
Vice President, SSI Post

“One of the most original comedy magicians I have ever seen. His performance is nuanced, goofy, broad, full of humor on multiple levels, and his magic is baffling to the point of swearing off drink forever.”

-Jacques Lord
Brown Club of San Diego Newsletter

“One part ‘Saturday Night Live,’ two parts David Copperfield.”

-Arizona Daily Star

“Keeps his audience, by turns, laughing and gasping in astonishment.”

-Santa Monica Sun

“Thank you, Matt, you did another terrific job last night! Everyone is talking about what a great time they had.”

-Kim Goldberg
Event Planner, Toshiba


-KTLA Morning News

“Everyone enjoyed your show. You were funny, clever, and very entertaining…it was perfect for the crowd. I hope to work with you more in the future.”

-Nel Stanley
Exquisite Events

“Comedy, magic, and continuous entertainment.”

-Hollywood Magic Castle

“Matt, just a quick note to tell you how pleased we were with your performance, not only as an act, but as an emcee. Your professionalism, dependability, and magical talent made you an integral part of our operations. P.S. I love the Mad Libs trick. It’s amazing!”

-Terry Goen
Event Coordinator, J&J Productions

“Matt, you have that rare ability to combine the art of illusion and the art of storytelling; you made us laugh, then took our breath away with your bag of tricks.”

-John Solomon
Vice-President, Walt Disney Imagineering

“People think what you do is easy because you make it look easy!”

-Robert Osborne
Columnist, Hollywood Reporter

“Absolutely Hilarious!”

-Turner Classic Movies

“A great show with a lot of humor and feats of magic which will rival the best of them.”

-The Experience Online

“Dear Matt-Thank you so much for the wonderful entertainment! We were so lucky to have you come. Everyone thought you were fantastic. All the next week [people] kept coming to me saying how wonderful you were.”

-Dr. Suzanne Coulter
Director, USC Dental School

“You could tell Matt is a seasoned pro…. This young man can work anywhere. Matt’s got talent, he’s just that good!”

Article for Linking Ring Magazine

“You were absolutely fantastic last year. Everyone is asking if we’ll have you back again this year.”

-Kathy Goodwin
Event Coordinator, Surety of the Pacific

“Matt, every one really enjoyed the evening and the members all commented to me that it was…an evening to remember. I am sure we will be doing this again next year.”

-Robert Rubiano
General Manager, Hillcrest Country Club

“We’ve hired Matt for the last 3 years for our organization and he’s bar none the best entertainer we’ve ever had. He’s personable, hilarious, everyone loved his show, and we’d love to have him back year after year.”

-Josh Parker
President, Parker-Anderson

“Matt, I’ve hired other entertainers and none can compare. Your show was like a giant party, where you’re the host and the whole audience is invited. Lots and lots of fun.”

-Dr. Stu Rubin
Event Coordinator

“You did a WONDERFUL job, Matt. Check your calendar for June 23 of next year as I’m sure [company president] Bruce would like to invite you back again…I know I would. You’re very easy to work with!”

-Mike Lasher
Programs Manager, Esthetic Professionals

“I would like to begin with a big thank you for your talent. I have enjoyed watching you for four years now and have witnessed your remarkable growth in the magic and entertainment industry. I attended your show, “Disillusioned: Confessions of a Serial Magician,” at the Ford Amphitheater last October and was BLOWN away by your act. I must say, your Powerpoint presentation in the beginning with the funny opposing quotes was HILARIOUS! And your “Matt Libs” routine was ASTOUNDING! I saw David Copperfield at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in the summer of 2006 and he did a similar trick, but honestly- and I mean this with shear and complete honesty, your routine blew Copperfield’s clear out of the water. Thank you again for your passion, pleasure, and prestige for magic.”

-Bobby Ruano

“We loved your show. You are incredibly charming and so wonderfully and spontaneously funny with the audience.”

-Lisa Zimble
Film Director

“Thank you, Matt! You were a big hit.”

-Kabballah Center of Los Angeles

“You blew David Blaine away.”

-Steve Kline
Marketing Executive, Sony Music

“Hip and original…much more than you’d expect from a magician.”

-College Hill Independent

“Combines original magic and comedy with a distinctive style.”

-Family Life Magazine

Have YOU seen Matt perform? Would you be willing to submit a short testimonial about his show? If so, please CLICK HERE.