Close-up & Strolling Magic


Close-up Magic


For the uninitiated, the term "Close-up Magic" refers to magic performed for small groups using everyday objects such as cards, coins, ropes, small common objects, and even borrowed items. Entirely reliant on difficult sleight of hand, Matt’s highly interactive close-up performances feature magic that happens just inches away from the audience — and even in their own hands! 


Formal Show vs Strolling Magic

If your event will have a small number of people in attendance, a single formal close-up show works well. However, many events have hundreds or even thousands of people in attendance. Under these
circumstances, Matt will perform "Strolling Magic" (sometimes referred to as “Walkaround Magic”) in which he moves between tables or small gatherings of people to perform a few minutes of close-up magic for each group. Strolling magic is a fantastic way to get people chatting at your event, and can be paired with a stage show for a complete entertainment package. Keep in mind that strolling magic works best during a cocktail hour or mingling period, but does not work well during a meal when people are eating. Matt recommends an hour of strolling magic for every 75 guests; events with fewer than 50 guests should opt for a formal show instead.


Multiple Close-up Shows

Closeup Magic.png

Matt now offers a new, exciting, unique close-up magic option for your events. If you have too many people for a single formal close-up show, but strolling magic isn’t appropriate or desired for some reason, Matt offers his exclusive Close-up Multi-Show option. This type of show requires a separate room or area, but allows groups of 10-40 people at your event to cycle through and see one of several scheduled 20 minute close-up shows. While this performance option requires far less set-up than a stage or stand-up show — just a separate room or space with a table and some chairs — it allows for more complex and elaborate close-up magic than is possible during strolling magic. It also allows you to present a proper show to each of your guests in an intimate environment where many of them will get to participate in the magic. This new structure of magical entertainment is quickly becoming Matt’s most requested close-up option, so ask for details today!