Rabbit Rise (DVD & Gimmicks)

Rabbit Rise (DVD & Gimmicks)


You pull out a stack of your business cards, wrapped in a rubber band.  Offering to perform your version of the classic “Rabbit from a Hat,” you show a simple sketched top hat drawn on the back of your cards.  A spectator initials the bottom card in the stack to ensure it is not switched.  Then, slowly, you begin to shake the packet of business cards and a rabbit VISUALLY RISES OUT OF THE HAT ON THE CARD.  Without missing a beat you remove the card from the stack and hand it to the spectator.  The rabbit is now PERMANENTLY PRINTED on the back of your business card RIGHT NEXT TO THE SPECTATOR’S INITIALS!  


•A DVD performance and explanation, detailing everything you need to know to assemble the gimmick

•Tips on handling, patter, and performance insights and subtleties

•A stack of generic business cards so you can start performing right away

•All of the PDF files you need to custom print RabbitRise on the back of your own business cards*

•Specially sized rubber band

•10 gimmicks — enough for hundreds of shows

•Bonus: A digital copy of the RabbitRise video for watching on your computer or mobile device*

•Bonus: PDF files to print more gimmicks if you ever need them*


*Computer with DVD-ROM drive required for use


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Watch Matt perform Rabbit Rise on TV:

Perfect for strolling or impromptu work • Resets in less than 5 seconds • Totally self-contained • No angles or lighting issues to worry about • Leave your audience with a magical souvenir • An unforgettable way to give out your business card!