The Amazing Thumb Tie (Digital Download)

The Amazing Thumb Tie (Digital Download)


Over the past 25 years Matt Marcy has presented his Amazing Thumb Tie routine to thousands of audiences, astounding them with his version of the sleight of hand classic. Now, finally, he shares all of the workings of his time-crafted routine including technical details on the tie, audience management tips, performance advice, and more.
He also sits down with Diana Zimmerman, creator of the structure of his routine, for an in-depth discussion.

This is your chance to learn all of the working, details, and thinking behind Matt’s complete polished and reputation-making routine!


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“I just walked offstage having done your Thumb Tie for the first time. THANK YOU!!! What a pleasure to do a professional, fully-realized and fleshed out routine by a guy who WORKS!”
-Murray Hatfield

"This is the most extensive treatise on the thumb tie ever released. The attention to details and the psychology behind everything is brilliant. Diana Zimmerman's Interview is worth the price alone! This is going straight into my standup show. Thank you, Matt, great job."

•Based on the Jaspernese Thumb-Tie by Jay Marshall•
•With Improvements by Diana Zimmerman•