Simple blow their minds! (DVD)

Simple blow their minds! (DVD)


Matt's professionally produced instructional magic DVD teaches 23 unbelievable tricks that anyone can do! These amazing miracles are perfect for all skill levels and ages, from 5 to 105. Best of all, these tricks use everyday objects and require no special apparatus. It's a fantastic introduction for anyone who's ever wanted to be a magician and a great way for amateurs and hobbyists to expand their repertoire!

Learn to produce money from thin air, make small objects float, predict the future, cut a newspaper and restore it, and much, much more. Special sections include a chapter on "card tricks" and one on "restaurant magic" where you'll learn to perform miracles with objects you'd find on nearly any restaurant table! 

This DVD is approximately 70 minutes long and includes full motion menus with direct chapter access so you can skip to any trick instantly. This is your chance to learn dozens of amazing magic tricks from one of the country's most popular magicians.

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